Most advertisers agree that original digital video programming will become as important as TV within the next 5 years,
  • so long as it can be demonstrated to be effective at increasing sales and impacting branding.^
Do you want to add video marketing to your content plan, with the ability to track results through marketing automation?

Source: IAB Digital Content NewFronts: Video Ad Spend Study 2015

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Video Production

Video production opportunities include in-the-field, in-studio (with or without a green screen), and live streaming of events online.


Video Syndication and Influencer Marketing

We have extensive experience using short-form video to reach customers on multiple platforms, including websites, mobile devices, smart TVs, and traditional cable and satellite integration.

Video Monetization

We provides brands with revenue-generating capabilities and new levels of consumer influence, through close relationships with high-traffic outlets for content syndication.

Lead Nurturing with Video Marketing


Video Development

We work with you in the ideation stage to develop digital video content in-line with your brand/product strategies and calls-to-action.  Pretty much anything we think of regarding video is possible for us to create:


  • Entertaining advertisements (“advertainments”)
  • Explain product or service usage Interview industry experts
  • Showcase your company’s vision for a new project
  • Document “day in the life of” customers or employees
  • Film events to highlight “the best of” the event Interview customers for case studies or testimonials
  • Presentations by engaging speakers in your company
  • Insert video into online banner advertisements
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Sponsor videos underwriting content from established acts
  • Videos with multiple story lines where the user clicks to engage with and provide direction for the story (YouTube)
  • Videos where the user clicks on areas to launch multimedia or eCommerce for web / mobile (Augmented Reality)
  • Add video to branded merchandise (BuzzCards)


We work with you in pre-production to script, develop storyboards, book talent, and prepare to shoot your video campaign. 


Production and Post-Production

We work with you in production and post-production to shoot and edit your video campaign, adding editorial and graphics. We have a studio in Los Angeles but can also manage projects remotely, contracting with studios and film crews in most major markets.

Video Monetization and Metrics

The Admin Dashboard allows for managing content in real-time, tracking where your content is playing and how it is performing / earning. It also allows you to easily generate code for embedding your videos across platforms not already part of your syndication plan.

Video Syndication and Influencer Marketing

As part of your content syndication and influencer marketing plan, we can distribute and monetize short-form video across high-traffic, websites, mobile devices, smart TVs, and traditional cable and satellite integration.


We can also monitor content being released in your industry, to build relationships with websites publishing relevant content and news, and the industry influencers that work with them.


In chapter 7, understand how VIDEO MARKETING  can be leveraged to improve your marketing automation program, and how it can be monetized.

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In chapter 8, understand how content SYNDICATION and INFLUENCER MARKETING can be leveraged to improve your marketing automation program.

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