84% of marketers plan to include influencer marketing in their strategy, and 75% said finding the right influencers is a significant challenge.
Do you have a plan in place to syndicate your content, find and target your industry influencers?
Source: Augure's State of Influencer Engagement Study 2015

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Paid Syndication Platforms

Paid syndication platforms distribute content to their pre-developed networks by targeting buyers that fit the criteria we provide. These leads are self-selecting in that they exchange their contact information for the high-quality downloadable content that we give the network to promote.


Video Syndication Platforms

We can syndicate and monetize video that we work with you to create, through relationships with high-traffic consumer outlets and proprietary outlet, Frequency. We distribute video across websites, mobile devices, smart TVs, and traditional cable and satellite integration.

Influencer Marketing Platform

We build a custom influencer database by monitoring articles based on targeted keywords. We database and tag industry influencers and websites that publish them, building relationships to distribute press releases, blog posts, premium content, as well as multiple other benefits.

Lead Generation with Content Distribution


Premium Content Development

Most companies now are driving awareness and demand generation efforts with content, relying most heavily on text-based formats including white papers/article posting, social media, blogs, newsletters, and case studies. The more progressive companies are using tactics that are higher in communication power and lower in competitive noise including video, photography, custom illustrations, illustrative animation, and infographics, for higher engagement and influence within target audiences. We can assist you to develop these premium content pieces and distribute them as part of your overall marketing automation strategy.


Paid Syndication Platforms

Paid syndication platforms distribute content, PDFs or videos, typically on a cost-per-lead basis. In addition to generating leads for your marketing automation program, your content posted on other sites create backlinks that improve your SEO.


Video Syndication Platforms

We have close relationships with high-traffic, consumer outlets for video content syndication, including AOL, Daily Motion, IGN, Yahoo, and Frequency, the latter being a proprietary platform, providing brands with new levels of consumer influence and revenue-generating capabilities. These outlets allow us to distribute and monetize short-form video across the web, mobile devices, smart TVs, and traditional cable and satellite integration.

Custom Influencer Database Development

We can use your targeted keywords to monitor articles relevant to your industry, databasing and tagging your industry influencers (editors, bloggers, freelance writers) and the websites that publish them.


We can build relationships with your influencers  in order to distribute press releases, product announcements, coupons, etc., that are relevant to their audiences, send them branded merchandise for specific marketing campaigns, holiday cards, invitations to press days, and more.


Websites can be evaluated for content contributor (guest blogging), online display advertising, and directory listing opportunities. If there is a blog, we can respond to relevant posts with links and information to your site as part of your link building plan.


Custom Content Database Development

In addition to databasing industry influencers and websites, we can also database the articles themselves. This additional level of support is particularly valuable for high-tech and other companies with challenging topics for content development, where tagged articles can be used as reference material by our writers to develop your content. We can share articles with your sales and management teams to keep you informed of industry news and competitor product or service launches. Furthermore, competitor articles can help us to perform competitive analysis, such as product or service comparisons, should it be desired. Content that is not competitor related can be curated for use in your social media marketing and customer eNewsletter marketing efforts.

In chapter 8, understand how content SYNDICATION and INFLUENCER MARKETING can be leveraged to improve your marketing automation program.

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In chapter 2, understand how MARKETING AUTOMATION software can help you engage with potential customers who are not yet ready to buy.

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