84% of shoppers said that the 'Zero Moment of Truth,' when potential customers are doing research about buying products, shapes their decisions.
Google studied paid ad clicks verses clicks from organic search and found that 89% of paid clicks were truly incremental.
What are you doing to get in front of your potential customers at their time of purchase using paid and organic search?
Source: Google’s Winning the Zero Moment of Truth Study 2011

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Organic Search

We conduct keyword research to implement them on your web pages, blog posts and in premium content campaigns for improved organic search results, targeting those that have low competition. 


Paid Search

Your keywords are also used to begin or improve upon your paid search campaigns. We tie clicks into the results generated, such as downloading a content piece, for beginning-to-end reporting.

Link Building

We can build links to your website and content from relevant, high-quality websites, which act as “votes” for search engines, implying that your website is a credible source for information.

Paid and Organic Search Engine Marketing


SEO / SEM Audit

Your paid and organic search campaigns are an important component of your marketing automation program. Getting a first page, organic search ranking for any keyword is more difficult than following a simple formula, but you can increase your odds by creating quality content, using well-researched keywords, and distributing it, thus generating backlinks. We can then direct your paid search spend to campaigns that work in tandum with your organic search goals, driving traffic to premium content pieces and content-supported products being marketed.


Other types of paid advertising that we can help you with include display (banner) ads on related websites and ad networks, retargeting campaigns, social media advertising, programmatic ad buying, and native advertising.


Paid Search

While you do not have to use marketing automation to have our expert team help you with your paid search campaigns, if you are using HubSpot, it becomes more critical that we manage it in order to leverage your paid search budget to drive traffic to premium content pieces that can convert visitors to leads, as well as, to supportive products being marketed.


Latent Symantec Indexing

If we manage both your marketing automation and paid search, we can then leverage Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI) to deliver highly relevant content that is more engaging for the searcher. LSI identifies patterns in relationships between terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text, e.g., if someone is searching on "paint rollers" that typically means there’s a painting project underway and they will need paint, stir sticks and other materials, so those keywords will be also targeted. The use of LSI improves your organic search results and over time can reduce your paid search spend.

Link Building / Search Engine Marketing

Building inbound links to your website is as important as organic and paid search.  Link building is like a spider building a web, where your website is the spider. By sending out more links into the world, like a spider shooting out his web, it increases opportunity for you to capture leads.  There are numerous link building techniques that we can administer as part of your content syndication and influencer marketing plan.

Influencer Marketing

We can use your search keywords to develop a custom public relations database, tagging websites and authors of news articles and blog posts in your industry. Authors may be an editor or freelancer for a trade publication, or an industry influencer with a blog. This allows us to build relationships with writers and intelligently target them with content for syndication and influencer marketing. Industry influencers can also be targeted with an outreach campaign, using branded merchandise to solicit a partnership.

In chapter 6, understand how SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING can be used to improve the results of your marketing automation program.

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In chapter 2, understand how MARKETING AUTOMATION software can help you engage with potential customers who are not yet ready to buy.

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