The average customer has completed 57% to 70% of the purchase decision-making process online, prior to engaging a supplier sales rep.
What are you doing to get ahead of the sale and build valuable relationships with your customers?
Source: CEB Marketing Leadership Council’s The Digital evolution in B2B Marketing 2011

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Target Audience

Convert your target audience into leads by leveraging buyer personas and content marketing. Then use lead nurturing tactics to build deeper connections with prospects and convert them into customers.


Website Transparency

Fully tie your website’s visitation analytics and reporting into your contact database to see who is doing what and where they are at in your customer journeys. Actively engage with your visitors through social media.


Customers can have a personalized website experience using responsive design techniques, based on their past behavior, country, device type used, referral source, which email marketing List they belong to, or being in a specific Lifecycle Stage.

HubSpot for Marketing Automation


HubSpot Implementation: Responsive Web Design

We offer web design with HubSpot, as our inbound marketing expert team are HubSpot Gold Partners, but we can also work with other marketing automation packages (Marketo, Eloqua, etc.) currently installed in your business. You will need to pay for HubSpot separately, however, you will not be required to pay their required training fee.  


HubSpot websites are hosted on their servers, which provides full lead-level transparency to see who is doing what on your website and how they are moving along in a pre-defined customer journey. If you have a website on WordPress or other platform you can choose to partially integrate your site on HubSpot, hosting only your blog and landing pages, however, visits to pages not on the HubSpot platform can not be tied to your contacts.


We will derive all the benefits from HubSpot without you having to learn how to use it. Of course if you want to learn to use it, you can purchase as many hours as needed for ongoing training and support. We are here to help you succeed, in whatever capacity you choose.

Using built-in responsive website design, HubSpot is ready for any device, from phone to tablet and beyond. HubSpot Professional and Enterprise plan users can also leverage a personalized website experience based on past behavior, country, device used, referral source, which email list they belong to, or in a specific lifecycle stage.


Created/Curated Content and Influencer Marketing

We develop content (blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, presentations, case studies) and curate content from third parties, then push it out to your social channels and email marketing lists.

Premium content pieces, which are behind a registration wall, allow us to capture leads and assign them to buyer personas for lead nurturing.

We can then build relationships with industry influencers and intelligently target them with content for distribution as part of your syndication and influencer marketing plan.


Social Media Marketing

HubSpot gives you total control over your social channels, allowing you to post, see responses to posts, interact with visitors, and track their social activity all within one application.

Email Marketing

Content is pushed out to your email marketing list using personalization criteria identified in your buyer personas. As your contacts continue to engage with your blog content and respond to offers to download premium content pieces, their activities and responses to questions that are que’d up on your gated landing pages build up their profile, allowing us to better target future content and product/service offerings.

Organic and Paid Search

We would like to manage your paid search campaign in order to leverage your ad spend to drive traffic to premium content pieces that can convert visitors to leads, as well as, to supportive products that are being marketed. This should not be done by another company because of the tight integration that we need to accomplish this agenda.

In chapter 2, understand how MARKETING AUTOMATION software can help you engage with potential customers who are not yet ready to buy.

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In chapter 3, learn how RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN is changing how companies intelligently engage with their customers and potential customers online.

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