Only 43% of buyers rate their sales team as “excellent” in understanding their business needs.
Nearly 20% of buyers rate their sales team as “poor” in understanding their business needs.
What are you doing to understand your buyers’ goals that are driving their purchase decisions?
Source: Buyer Intelligence’s Understanding Buyer Needs Study 2015

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Sales Interviews

We conduct interviews with your sales team to setup initial buyer personas in HubSpot and build out customer journeys. Your buyer personas will be adjusted on an ongoing basis according to our learnings from visitation metrics and actual sales.


Website Transparency

If we do not have a clear understanding of your target markets’ goals in working with you, we may need to conduct buyer persona research.  We would attempt first to do online surveys to minimize research costs.

Telephone & One-to-One Interviews

Telephone interviews are useful to reach target audiences that are hard to with an online survey. One-to-one interviews are useful when you seek deeper, richer information or when respondents need to see, touch or taste a product

Buyer Persona Market Research


Buyer Personas

In order to connect with and convert your target audience into customers and advocates, we must first decide how we want to ‘bucket’ them into buyer personas based upon shared goals that cross industries, titles and other demographics.  Buyer personas are the key to everything we will do for your inbound marketing program.


We can get at your buyer personas from you and your sales team, or even talking to some of your customers. This research may be done first, before taking any other steps, or may be done simultaneous to our making improvements to your web design and setting up your HubSpot account. If we do not have enough information to setup your buyer personas, we can conduct primary market research on your behalf.


Over time as we gather data from  your prospects' interactions with your website and premium content pieces and make purchases, our understanding of your buyer personas will become more clear, and the more effectively we can map your solution benefits to their goals, in order to influence their buying decisions. 



Blog posts serve to improve your organic search results and to draw traffic to your site, where we can serve visitors premium content, in order to draw them into one of your buyer personas. 


Premium Content

Premium content, such as ebooks, videos and whitepapers, are targeted to the needs of your buyer personas and are used to entice visitors to give up their contact information for the valuable education that you are offering. From there they are placed into one of your customer journeys. Questions asked on content landing pages build prospects' individual profiles over time, which also builds understanding of your buyer personas over time, to be able to better speak to their needs.

Email Marketing

We nurture existing leads through a customer journey by delivering a series of emails that include your blog posts and other premium content pieces. Emails establish credibility and build trust, provide product/service benefits, asks the prospect to take an action such as download content, attend a webinar, request a demo, subscribe for a trial, or have a sales consultation. After walking a buyer persona through a customer journey, if they don’t purchase, we offer them to stay engaged with your organization by subscribing to your blog and/or eNewsletter.

Additional Market Research Options

Our market research expertise doesn’t stop with buyer persona research. We offer a comprehensive array of B2B and B2C qualitative and quantitative research.


▶Market segmentation

▶Brand awareness

▶Customer satisfaction

▶Website/app usability testing

▶Image and equity tracking

▶New product evaluation/optimization

▶Brand positioning

▶Product, package, tagline, logo and advertising testing

▶Attitude, awareness and usage studies.



In chapter 5, understand  buyer persona MARKET RESEARCH and other types of primary research.

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In chapter 2, understand how MARKETING AUTOMATION software can help you engage with potential customers who are not yet ready to buy.

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