76% of B2B companies and 65% of B2C companies used in-person event marketing as a content marketing tactic in 2014.
What are you doing to increase your attendees’ engagement?
Source: Content Marketing Institute’s B2B & B2C Content Marketing 2014: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends–North America

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Die-Cut Paper BuzzCards

Paper USB BuzzCards can be die-cut into any cool shape including products, logos, icons, tradeshow lanyards, or any other image that represents your campaign. They can be incorporated into any size marketing brochure for a unique marketing tool.


Plastic Buzzcards

Plastic USB BuzzCards are credit card-sized and plug into a computer or smartphone to launch a custom landing page, supplementing your online marketing strategy and offering full marketing analytics to evaluate your event’s engagement.

Online Collateral Hosting

Share unlimited sales collateral and videos,  your catalog and links to your social presence, data capture of form information, and more.  USB cards auto launch the custom page regardless of operating system.

Branded USB-Pluggable Promotional Products


Real-World Marketing Meets Digital Engagement

We offer branded merchandise that transforms how companies translate their story from the physical to the digital world. BuzzCard promotional products provide customer engagement opportunities both during and after in-person events. During events, they can track attendees’ activities, receive digital content, and be used for social games and rewards.

Since your collateral is hosted online, BuzzCards are more cost-effective than similar USB cards that require you to purchase memory on the card itself.  We create a custom landing page to showcase your content and links, including images, videos, brochures, coupons, catalogs, social media channels, games, and live fill-in forms that may be linked to your marketing automation software or other systems. The Admin Dashboard allows for managing your content and viewing analytics in real-time.

Companies that have large, extensive websites use BuzzCards to promote a corporate group, a product family, or target a certain audience, narrowly defining the information they share with customers without having to change their main website.


Marketing Automation Integration

If you have marketing automation software, such as HubSpot, your BuzzCard landing pages to share content with customers can be built in the platform, which then allows us to see exactly what information users have viewed and interacted with. Your sales team can then have a more intelligent conversation with them about what they've seen and their interests. We can use their activities to identify which buyer persona  they should be placed into for lead nurturing.


eBusiness Cards

Custom die-cut paper and plastic BuzzCards can be made as digital business cards, allowing you to promote your company, brand, personal profile, and products/services as documents and/or video. The front of your ebusiness card has your contact information and flip-out USB port, and the back has room for your brand message.

Add NFC, QR Codes or Beacons

Add Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, QR Codes, or Beacons with BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.  For example, a Digital Scavenger Hunt may be devised for a tradeshow floor, retail space, or even across a city, using any or all of these options, which are are just different ways of sending content and links to a user’s smartphone.  


NFC makes the cards “tappable” against smartphones, tablets or branded kiosks in order to transfer information, launch a smartphone app or landing page, or provide a location-based experience.  Any image,  such as a product, logo, icon or campaign concept, is then applied to the BuzzCards - or any of our TapWear or TapGear merchandise - along with  text letting users know that it is tappable using their NFC-enabled smartphone.


QR Codes have the lowest barrier to use since nearly everyone can download a QR Code Reader onto their phone. They now come in creative shapes and images that make them more attractive to the user.  You can leverage QR Codes to provide a more engaging experience at an event,  facilitate real-world games, allow for rewards, and can track presence and purchase instead of a stamp-card or punch-card.


Beacons are branded, 1 to 3 inch square or rectangular plastic disks that can be placed in physical locations, such as a tradeshow floor or retail store. Keychain Beacons can be attached to a personal belonging, such as keys or a bag. They interact with a  Beacon Reader App that we customize and provide for push marketing and promotions.  Beacons don’t need to be tapped in order to provide the same user experience available in NFC-tappable products.


Rewards and Sweepstakes Programs

Rewards and Sweepstakes programs can be added to BuzzCards, such as music or movie downloads, restaurant, retail or travel vouchers, a prize of your product or service, or any other award based upon user activities, e.g., visiting all Sponsors’ exhibits at a tradeshow earns the attendee entry to an after-party. 


In chapter 4, understand how  custom promotional products for EVENT MARKETING can leverage your marketing automation program for a complete, closed-loop marketing system.

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In chapter 2, understand how MARKETING AUTOMATION software can help you engage with potential customers who are not yet ready to buy.

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