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Track Your Social Media Metrics and Those of Competitors with Rival IQ


I just test drove a tool for analyzing and tracking the growth of your social media profiles against competitors, Rival IQ. They give a free 7 day trial.

Rival IQ is designed to have you input your or your client's website as the "Landscape" and then select which social channels you want to monitor. Click over to Companies to add competitors' websites to the "Landscape" and it will automatically pull in their social profiles.

Click over to the Dashboard to see several different overviews. I changed the automatic 7 days of data to 30 days.


Information Under Social

Click over to Social > Cross Channel to view several graphs on the first tab, "Overview," that show the primary website versus an average of the competitive sites. On the second tab, "Detailed Metrics," the same graphs are available that show the primary website versus all the competitive sites broken out individually.

1. Social Audience

▶ Total followers you have on each of the social networks tracked.


2. Social Activity

▶ Total number of posts across the social networks during the selected time period. Twitter only includes "normal" tweets.


3. Social Engagement

▶ Total engagement - count of measureable interactions (retweet, favorite, like, comment, share, etc.) on a social post - across the social networks.



4. Top Content

▶ Below shown as Top 10 Most Engaging Posts, but the data actually goes back 30 days.


Additional Information Under Social

▶ All social graphs shown above can be viewed by individual channel rather than cross-channel.

▶ Primary website vs. competitive bios on all social profiles.

Information Under SEO

1. Organic Keywords from SEMRush

▶ Ranked Organic Keywords - Rankings and performance of the primary website's top keywords based on estimated traffic from organic search results, and a breakdown on where the results appear in the top 100 results for Google/US or top 20 results for other engines.
▶ Monthly Organic Search Traffic - estimate of how much monthly traffic a company receives because of Organic Search.

▶ Organic keywords in common across 2 more competitors, in positions 1-20, and referring URL.

▶ Top single keyword driving the highest estimated search traffic for each competitor, based on rank in organic search results and traffic.

▶ Valuable keywords for competitors achieving top 20 organic search positioning but the primary website is not, and are likely to be good candidates to pursue based on competitiveness, search volume, relevancy and other factors.

2. Metrics from Moz

▶ External Links - count of how many links on the Internet that point to a company's site.
▶ Domain Authority - predicts the “strength” of your website over time and how well a website will rank on search engines.

3. Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords

▶ Primary website vs. competitive Meta Descriptions on all social profiles and character counts.

▶ Primary website vs. competitive Home Page Titles on all social profiles and character counts.

▶ Primary website vs. competitive Home Page Meta Keywords on all social profiles and character counts.

4. SEM from SEMRush

▶ Estimate of Google Adwords performance of the primary website vs. competitors.

▶ Estimate of Google Adwords traffic (number of visits) of the primary website vs. competitors.

▶ Estimate of Google Adwords spend (monthly) of the primary website vs. competitors.


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