BIG BOOK OF INBOUND MARKETING: Chapter 1 - Intro to Inbound Marketing

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  • Inbound marketing has forever changed the way that businesses are marketing themselves.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of inbound marketing.
  • Understand how the demand funnel works.

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What Is Your WHY For Doing Your WHAT?

How do people achieve things that seem to defy all the assumptions?  What makes companies so innovative?  How have people been able to achieve great changes in history, such as Martin Luther King, Jr.? This TED talk looks at how people and companies succeed in creating change.

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The New Rules of Selling

When people start a business it is because they see a problem and want to solve it, and they love what it is that they do for work. Very few people go into a new business thinking "I love sales!" and yet, finding a way to do sales - even if you never end up truly loving it - is a major necessity. This is what I love so much about inbound marketing and marketing automation software. It gives a way for those of us born without the "sales gene" to create a process for creating sales. The software helps to manage all the pieces that are needed - web design, email marketing, social marketing, content marketing - and the social channels - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, primarily.

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