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Best Landing Pages Practices


There are three basic types of landing pages, one that is intended to convert you on-page, one that sends you to another page intended to convert you on-page, called a click-through or jump page, or one that is intended for you to share and make it go viral. Conversion typically means getting a name, email, and possibly other profiling information such as company, industry, location, what their biggest problem is, or other pre-determined questions.

The following are best practices for setting up landing pages.

Focus and Relevance

▶Focus on achieving only one goal per page: download an eBook, sign up for an eNewsletter, register for a webinar, promote a single service, receive a report, purchase an eCourse, etc. Remove distracting links that only serve to pull people away from achieving your goal.

▶Make sure that the headline, subheadline, copy and call-to-action on the page are related to the conversion goal.

▶Make sure to eliminate any "disconnect" from display ads linking through to the landing page: images, button text, and message should match. For an example of a disconnected ad and landing page, see the image above.


This happens all too're online, let's say Facebook. You see an ad and think, "Oh, cute dress." You click on the dress and end up on a landing page but don't see the dress. Or worse yet, the landing page is greyed out behind a form where you must register to fully see the page, but you can still see that the dress isn't there. Argh! It's really not that difficult to create landing pages that relate to the actual product you are advertising, and it's a terrible practice to force registration before they can even look at the page  As digital marketers we must "be" the customer and see things through their perspective.

Rebekah Paul Inbound Marketing Expert


▶Copy can be short or long and perform, however, long copy should be reserved for products or services when there is a higher investment being asked, which means there is a greater perceived risk and the reader needs more explanation and assurances to purchase. If the copy is long, the call-to-action should be placed in regular intervals and you may want to make use of collapsible accordian text.

▶Test your forms and make sure that they work as expected.

▶When sharing a video or webinar, include a technical person's contact information in case there is a problem and they are unable to see or hear it.

▶Make call-to-action buttons stand out from the elements on the page by using a white or colored border.

▶Make use of directional cues in your creative, such as arrrows pointing to your form and people looking towards the product and not away.

▶Make use of whitespace to make your call-to-action pop on the page.

▶Make use of the F-shape pattern of eye tracking, which states that English-speaking website visitors predictably view a website from left to right, and then top to bottom, in an F-shaped pattern.

▶Make sure that the copy explaining the call-to-action is read before the CTA itself.

▶Decide if it's better to have a form on a page or a button to another page with the form.

▶Decide if it's better to have people in your creative, which can distract from your message, or some other image. If you are selling a product, it is essential that your page contain an image of the product. If you are selling a service,  it is essential that the image grab attention and is relevant.

▶Pay attention to your metrics such as bounce rate. It is typical to have less than 10 seconds to make an impression before someone leaves the page.

▶Pay attention to how big businesses construct their website and landing pages. They have big money to spend on designers and testing mechanisms, so you can often pick up great tips from how they do things.


Sales Funnel Effectiveness

▶Optimize the page for keywords to drive search engine traffic.

▶Content presented on a landing page should be placed into the ToFu, MoFu or BoFu stage of your sales funnel. Being aware of which stage the piece fits, and more specifically where in a buyer persona's customer journey, will allow you to monitor how many people complete the journey or where they drop off.

▶Make sure your form questions aren’t scaring your lead away from converting. Balance your need to obtain information with ensuring that there is value in it for them.

▶When asking people to register for a blog or eNewsletter subscription, ask them how often they want to be contacted or let them know how often you plan to contact them.

▶On registration forms ask if you can include them in a special list of people who will respond to survey questions.

▶Create landing pages for visitors from a specific social media site, press release, guest blog post, search keyword phrase, display ad, print ad, TV or radio commercial, etc., for a more personalized approach.

▶On thank you landing pages, give your user something relevant that they can do next.



▶A/B test different ideas or changes you want to make to your landing pages. Elements that may be tested include header copy, images, color scheme, call-to-action text, color and placement on the page, and copy length. For example, a page with lots of images, arrows and headlines may direct the visitor's attention in a dozen directions at once. In this case, test a long-copy variation with few distractions.

▶eBooks and other PDF'd premium content pieces typically include an image of the cover and 3-5 bullets of what they can expect to gain by reading it. Alternatively, you can A/B test a variation that features a short value proposition and a set of clean image sliders.

▶It's always a good idea to do usability testing, and it doesn't have to cost you anything if you employ family and friends, however, if you really need your target audience(s) to do usability or other types of testing, we can help.

▶Install a survey tool to your customers questions, such as why they are at your landing page, what they are looking for, or any other insights that would help you better serve them.


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